Gift Card Promotions Can Save Lots Of Money On Groceries

Find out how you can save money on your next grocery purchase with free gift cards

Gift Card Savings

Non grocery purchases from department stores and other retailers can yield big savings at the grocery store. You just have to know where to find the deals. Recently a grocery store chain was offering customers $5 coupons towards shoppers next purchase of groceries when they purchased select $25 giftcards for jcpenny, lowes and several other departments stores.

One customer was in the market to buy a new washing machine worth $500. Seeing the potential of this grocery savings opportunity, the customer went and purchased $500 worth of lowes gift cards. In return the customer recieved a voucher for $100 worth of free groceries. The customer was planning on purchasing the new washing machine anyway, so it wasnt an extra added expense. Why not get $100 in free groceries at the same time! The gift cards had to be purchased separately but fortunately the grocery clerk was nice enough to ring up each transaction separately

Gift card and grocery saving opportunities like this happen all the time. One company that keeps up on top of gift card opportunities is iRazoo. They are constantly scanning for money saving opportunities for their members on a daily basis and help keep savvy shoppers informed of free gift cards and money saving opportunities that surface on the internet on a daily basis.